If bringing home a Japanese Akitainu (JA) is in your near future and you are feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do to get ready, then you are in the right place! Each dog is wonderfully different and there is no way of predicting all of life’s happenings, but this is a great start to prepare yourself. A few of us JA owners have banded together to compile a checklist that points out specific must-have tangible items as well as general non-tangible considerations to keep in mind.

  • Each section includes a comprehensive reference, grouped by relative topic, and ends with a snapshot shopping list (some info may appear twice as they are relevant to multiple topics).
  • All recommendations will vary based on owner/dog preference.
  • Follow check list at owner discretion and veterinary guidance where applicable.
  • This check list is intended as a reference for new owners of a Japanese Akitainu between the ages of 8 weeks to adult.
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