JACA Breeder Directory

The Japanese Akita breeders listed in our directory are members in good standing and adhere to JACA’s Code of Ethics; they do health tests, offer health guarantees and are willing to support you for the lifetime of the dog you purchased from them, they never overbreed, and they show their dogs in the conformation ring or enter trials or other competitions. In effect, they are reputable hobbyist breeders. JACA member breeders are not the typical backyard greeders or foreign puppy brokers one might find advertising on Craigslist, Facebook or websites designed specifically for the dog trade, some of whom may even sell puppies with counterfeit pedigrees in their background. Those other breeders’ main goals are to take your money while doing nothing to improve or preserve the breed; they overbreed and often have several litters on the ground at the same time. The typical JACA breeder does not view breeding as a business or even a supplemental source of income. We encourage you to do your due diligence and learn more about legitimate hobby breeders versus backyard breeders and puppy millers.

Our breeders are selective and have waiting lists for their puppies. They require that buyers submit an application to be placed on the waiting list because our breeders usually only produce litters once or twice a year. They want to make sure that potential new owners of their puppies are committed and that the puppy will not end up being re-sold, abandoned or surrendered to a shelter. After you’ve taken your puppy home, some of our breeders will even pay for the first year of your JACA membership where you will find newbies and veterans ready to welcome you to the joys of being a Japanese Akita owner!


Daiji Sou Japanese Akitas

This is a young family who love Japanese Akitas, especially the toras (brindles)! Their brindle bitch Karin has won in both the AKIHO and UKC rings. In his spare time, Tim intensively studies Japanese Akita pedigrees so his input on potential breeding mates is highly valued among JACA and AKIHO members.

Location: Southern California, USA

Email:  daijisou@gmail.com

Kashinoki-Soh Japanese Akitas

Contact:  Rich Quesada

Location:  Southern California, USA

Phone: (661) 312-9637 or (661) 294-9893

Email:  t_sncprog@sbcglobal.net

Minami Kennels

(Update: We are currently on hiatus from breeding). We are a family-run Akita Inu kennel based in Richmond, Texas, which is located in the Greater Houston Area. We currently have one red female Akita Inu named Hana, who is JKC and UKC registered. Our little family consists of Mamma, Pappa, two kids and two dogs. We are passionate about both our kids and our dogs. We enjoy going to the beach and the zoo. We love going to the dog park and are a part of the Shiba Inu Meetup in Houston, TX.  We are hoping that sometime in the near future we will have a Akita Inu meet up in our area!

Location:  Houston, TX

Phone:  (713) 518-2660

Email: minamikennels@gmail.com

Hyozan Japanese Akitas

Decades of experience breeding, raising, loving and showing Japanese Akitas.  All our breeding stock come from champion AKIHO-registered lines.

Location: Texas, USA

Phone:  (214) 354-5097

Email:  hyozan58@hotmail.com

Kaiju Kennels Japanese Akitas

Kaiju Kennels is a family-owned Japanese Akita Inu kennel in Southern California. Our dogs are imported from champion Japanese lines with AKIHO and JKC pedigrees. All of our adults are health certified, well socialized, and beloved members of our family.

Location:  Buena Park, CA

Phone:  661-KAIJUSO (661-524-5876)

Email:  info@kaijukennels.com

QueSera Japanese Akitas

Contact:  John & Carol Speier

Location:  Waxahachie, TX

Phone:  (214) 208-3038

Email:  queseraja@hotmail.com

Ryuukita Japanese Akita Inu

Ryuukita Japanese Akita Inu is a professional show kennel that focuses on the Japanese Akita Inu. We occasionally have puppies available to both pet and show homes worldwide. We are responsible breeders who take adequate measures to ensure that our pups go to only the best homes. All our puppies are socialised with other dogs, people and environments before they leave us. Feel free to contact us via our website or our Facebook page to learn more about our breeding program and dogs. US references available.

Location:  Fermagh, Northern Ireland

Phone:  +44 7515 639612

Junketsu Japanese Akitas

We are two people who are crazy about Japanese Akitas.  Steven is the president of Akitainu Hozonkai (AKIHO) North American Branch.  Judy is secretary of the Japanese Akita Club of America (JACA).  All our dogs, champions and pets, old and young, are loved and spoiled equally.  We believe in the split of American Akita and Japanese Akita to keep each breed 100% pure to each standard.  We do health certs and only breed award-winning dogs with AKIHO/JACA/UKC registration and pedigrees.  Find us on our Facebook or check out our website www.junketsukennels.com.

Contact:  Steven & Judy Takamatsu

Location:  Southern California,  USA

Email:  junketsu.akitashiba@gmail.com

Sakura Akitas 

Sakura Akitas is a responsible breeder of Japanese Akitas (Akita Inus), based in Sainte-Martine, just 30 minutes from Montreal. Our Japanese Akitas are registered with the Akita-Inu Hozonkai (AKIHO) whose headquarters are located in Odate, Japan, in the Akita prefecture. We are members of AKIHO North America and JACA, the Japanese Akita Club of America. We follow a set code of ethics to breed quality Akitas of sound body, temperament and health.

Location: Sainte-Martine, Quebec, Canada

Phone: (514) 659-8020

Email: sakuraakitas@gmail.com

Taiheiyo-Kensha Japanese Akitas

(Update: Please note we are taking a break from our breeding program but we’re happy to answer questions regarding the breed or breeding.) Our purebred Japanese Akita litters all come from AKIHO pedigree stock and conform to AKIHO, JKC, FCI and UKC standards.  Although we view conformation and temperament as important, we first and foremost want all of our puppies to go to loving homes with a safe and healthy environment to live out their lives, regardless of whether a pup is show or pet quality.  To that end, we stand by our litters and only breed adult dogs who have been health tested.  We are also happy to offer guidance to our buyers to give their new family members the best start possible.

Location:  Southern California, USA

Email:  taiheiyo@verizon.net